Ford's hybrid offerings and electrified plans take centre stage as the automotive landscape evolves. This comprehensive review delves into the changes affecting the 2024 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, shedding light on their hybrid options and paving the way for the future of sustainable driving.

Changes in Hybrid Options

For civilians eyeing a hybrid option, disappointment arises as the 2024 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator bid farewell to their hybrid variants. Last week, the luxury Ford brand confirmed that the 2024 Lincoln Aviator would not return with its Grand Touring plug-in hybrid grade.

This marks a shift from the combined 494 hp powertrain that delivered power to all four wheels, offering a modest 21 miles of EPA-rated electric range from its 13.6-kWh battery pack. Despite its limited electric range, the Aviator Grand Touring boasted an EPA combined 23 mpg after depleting its electric charge.

Explorer Hybrid: More than Mileage Concerns

The Ford Explorer Hybrid, known for its emphasis on hauling and towing rather than high fuel efficiency, has faced criticism for being underwhelming in the mileage department. Unlike its competitors, such as the 36-mpg Toyota Highlander, the Explorer Hybrid prioritises power and utility.

Ford engineers clarified that the design catered to customer expectations for the gasoline Explorer, emphasising towing capabilities up to 5,000 pounds and off-road prowess.

Powerboost in the Ford F-150 Hybrid

A notable aspect of Ford's hybrid system is its application in the F-150, badged as Powerboost. Generating 430 hp, this system incorporates a more potent 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6. Green Car Reports observed enhanced drivability and smoothness in the F-150 hybrid, showcasing the adaptability of Ford's hybrid technology across different vehicle segments.

The Future: Electric SUVs on the Horizon

While the Explorer continues to offer spacious seating for up to seven, Ford has signalled a shift towards more electrified three-row options. Between the Explorer and the larger Navigator, the automaker hints at an upcoming electric seven-passenger SUV scheduled for a 2025 release.

Boasting an impressive 300-mile range at 70 mph, this electric SUV aims to achieve this feat with a substantial 100-kWh battery, aligning with Ford's commitment to sustainable and innovative driving solutions.


The 2024 Explorer and Aviator mark pivotal points in the brand's journey as Ford navigates the evolving landscape of hybrid technology and embraces electrification. While bidding adieu to hybrid options, Ford's future promises exciting electric SUVs that blend performance, sustainability, and innovation for drivers in Bhutan and beyond.