Want your car to look great? Wash it down!

Washing a car is easy. However, if not done properly, it can lead to scratches and swirl marks, strip the wax coating and also leave water spots on your car.

Here are a few quick tips to help you get through the washing regime without hassles.

  • Get the right soap: Always use a soap that has been formulated specifically for cars. Do not use dish washing soap or detergents. The harsh chemicals in those can strip off the wax coating and also dull the finish of the car. 

  • Do not wash in direct sunlight: Direct sunlight causes the body to heat up, which in turn causes the water and soap to dry up quickly and leave spots all over the paint and glass. Washing in shade or during early morning or evening hours can help keep the car wet till it is time to wipe it dry.

  • Wash off the dust and dirt: Begin with first rinsing the car as thoroughly as possible, from top to bottom, front to back. You may use a hose pipe for this purpose. It’s essential to clean off the loose dirt, excessive mud, bird droppings, dead insects, tree sap, etc. as these can rub against the paint while washing and cause scratches. 

  • Never wipe off dirt with a dry towel: If you try to wipe a dirty surface with a dry towel, you will end up scratching the paint, resulting in swirl marks.

  • Wash the wheels first: We recommend washing the wheels first, as they are usually the dirtiest. Use a separate bucket of water for the wheels. Do not use the same water for the rest of the car.

  • Use two buckets: Get two buckets for washing your car. Use one bucket for soapy water, and the second one for clean water. Rinse out the dirty sponge in the clean water before dipping it back in the soapy water. 

  • Use grit guards in your buckets:  A grit guard is a metal or plastic grill kept at the bottom of the water bucket. It is used to trap the dirt and mud at the bottom when the sponge or washing mitt is rinsed. The loose particles sink to the bottom of the bucket and do not get reapplied to car.

  • Wash in sections: If your vehicle is large, wash it in sections. The aim here is to rinse off before the soapy water dries up, leading to spots and stains. If you wash the car in parts, you can be sure of rinsing off the soapy water before it dries up completely. Give the car one final rinse over the whole surface to rewet it for drying.

  • Use microfiber towels for drying: Common towels made of cotton or polyester are too abrasive and harsh for your car’s paint. A microfiber drying towel is much softer, more absorbent, and dries up the car much faster. It also doesn’t cause scratches or swirl marks on your car’s surface.

  • Dry it off: Use a bigger towel to dry the broad surfaces like the roof and the bonnet. Hold the corners of the towel and drape it flat over the vehicle. Drag the towel towards you to wipe the surfaces. This will help reduce swirl marks and gently wipe off the water. Use a smaller towel to mop up the smaller portions. You may also take your car for a quick spin to let the wind dry if off completely.

Maintaining your car properly will help extend the life of your car and retain its resale value. For more articles on maintaining your vehicle, visit Numkhor.com.